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Oak Song Farm Preschool

We are pleased to announce that we are opening a farm preschool this Fall, 2024. We are still getting things ready for the preschool this Fall, although we are feeling inspired and ready to have a group of preschoolers soaking up all that this space has to offer. 


Our farm was started when my first child was a baby and the dream was that he would grow up here with his extended family and develop a strong sense of place connected to the natural surroundings. Our hope was that the farm life would connect us and the children to the land, that we would know where our food comes from, and that we would spend lots of time outside moving our bodies and breathing fresh air.

Our dream has become a reality. We spend much of our time outside visiting and taking care of the animals, digging in the dirt, planting and harvesting crops,  playing in all the weather, and taking time to explore and discover mother nature. We now want to share the farm experience with your young ones and you.

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