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Our Approach

Our aim at Oak Song Farm Preschool is to provide preschool age children with a fun outdoor environment that encourages collaboration, problem solving skills, self awareness, creativity, empathy, curiosity, physical development skills, and more. We aim to help children create a positive relationship with the natural world during these formative years that they will carry on into their lives.

  • We are a nature based preschool. The majority of our time will be spent outside with a greenhouse acting as our classroom and a place to take a break from the elements. We think it is important that kids be able to be kids: get messy, run around, use their imaginations, develop gross motor skills, and learn how to interact with their peers. 

  • We operate 4 half days a week, Monday- Thursday, 9 am to 1 pm.

  • We have space to explore and take nature walks. 

  • We are a working farm so kids will get to help take care of the animals (goats, chickens, and ducks) and see how different crops grow.

  • We believe play is a fundamental part of childhood and IS the way that children learn.

  • We can enroll a child once that child has turned 3 and is working on using the potty independently.

  • We care about the environment and are trying to reduce our impact on the land. Ways in which we do this are composting food scraps and animal bedding, buying used, recycling, reusing and repurposing items, and using eco friendly products.

Get to know the teachers:

Christina del Campo-
Lead Teacher/Owner/Farmer

Christina has a passion for outdoor education for children. She started babysitting and working as a nanny in highschool. From there she went on to UC Santa Cruz where she studied Environmental Studies and Education. She discovered her love of farming from taking classes where she led tours for schoolchildren at the University's organic farm. Since then she has pursued her passion working at summer camps, designing a gardening summer camp, working on and leading field trips for youth on farms, nannying for years, raising her 2 children while farming for the last 7 years, and working as an assistant preschool teacher.

When Christina is not teaching you will find her farming. She has also been known to go hiking, camping, travel far and wide, and indulge in reading a book. 

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